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CBD Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage questions!

There are questions about cannabidiol (CBD) that we get asked frequently, so we decided to put together a list of CBD FAQs for those of you who want to learn more about this cannabinoid, its properties and effects. 


There are many ways to take CBD products, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. 

 MCT Oil is extremely mild-tasting, and uses MCT as a carrier for CBD. 

 Hemp Seed Oil implements a different carrying oil, with it’s own unique health properties. This nutritious carrier oil has a much stronger flavor.

Both Hemp Seed and MCT oils are designed to be used under the tongue, and have an extended release in the body. Metabolism typically takes 6-8 hours.

Water Soluble CBD is fast-acting because it has nano-sized cannabinoid particles. The effects will be felt almost immediately, and the duration will be shorter, normally 2-4 hours.

Our Vape / Drip product has a rapid onset of effects, and can be taken under the tongue, mixed in juice, or added into a vape. 

Because they are metabolized in the digestive system, our Gummies and Gel Caps will take longer for the effects to be felt, and the duration of effects will normally be 4-6 hours.

Effects tends to happen more quickly when using Vape / Drip or Water Soluble, but the duration of effects is shorter. 

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